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How to make a name for your self in GBYWN

IF you want to get known, then get known, there are so many ways to get known, sign up for the forums, and reply to other member's topics, share your thoughts along other Backyard wrestlers, make friends, and they will feel the need to take time and look at you.

 Also.. the chat box, get a user name, with your Wrestler name on it so others can remember you by that name.

And if you don't believe me, look at GBYWN, no famous Backyard wrestler promoted us, i signed every guestbook of BYW Feds on freewebs that i knew in 2006 and told them about GBYWN.
 I Cam of GBYWN, promoted GBYWN, now GBYWN is on top. soo yeah your time and work is very important.



-Be Respectful
-Let your user name be the name you want others to remember you by
-Let your avatar be a picture of you, because some people don't know what you look like
-Don't post too much media, instead give feedback to other folk's media
-Be smart, take feedback, use it to get better
-Chat with wrestlers on the GBYWN Site

If you do any of this in the GBYWN Community, you will gain respect & a Reputation in GBYWN.


-Cam of GBYWN

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